Hype doesn’t help

Hype doesn’t help

Hype is everywhere – from healthy heart claims on yellow cereal boxes to red liquid that gives you wings when you drink it. This is not new information. However, the hype machine is going to create serious issues for business operators and marketers. Here’s why:

  • It’s easier to produce, fabricate and manufacture hype then every before.
  • It’s increasingly manipulative because technology and tactics obfuscate what the hype is actually trying to accomplish.
  • It’s easier to spread the hype.
  • It’s easier to get burned by hype.

Why does this matter to you? Because you want to spread things that matter, you want to help others, you want to lead and direct a successful business. And now, it’s going to be harder for you to do that.

Don’t Believe the Hype!

In 1988, Famed rap group Public Enemy released the track that put the phrase “Don’t believe the hype” into the masses. And now, it’s even more relevant as we find ourselves saying “Did Bon Jovi die? That’s what I heard? Where? Oh, on Twitter or something.”

But the problem is the hype is harder to spot and as more and more people get victimized by the hype; phishing schemes, email scams, click-through-defrauding, identity theft, and all the things in between, the masses will become more and more hesitant and cynical. The bad apples in the bunch are going to ruin the whole bunch of good apples.

Turd Polishing

Here in the south, you’ll find a lot of really funny and questionable expressions. Many of them seem straight outta the standup routines of Jeff Foxworthy (You might be a redneck) and Larry the Cable Guy. One of my favorites is “you can’t polish a turd” and I’d have to argue that most people can’t polish a turd, but a marketer can. But that doesn’t mean you should.

So, if you are looking at increasing your marketing skills, your advanced benefit statements, USP’s, pitch videos, squeeze pages, clever headlines and affiliate networks – remember, hype won’t help. You’ll need to be increasing your ability to communicate value and real benefit. Not just the words that persuade and influence action, but the actual products and material that have value.

Hype Image by: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kerryank/

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  • http://simplifilm.com/ Chris Johnson

    Here’s something.

    I make videos.  They are good.

    But 90% of the people who would pay, we reject.  We can make, say 50 videos a year.  Most of the products are terrible. 

    Our videos don’t work because we’re great at making them.

    Our videos work because we’re really, profoundly fussy about who gets one and what products we make them for.

  • http://turningminds.com/ Justin McCullough

    Hi Chris,
    “We make great vids, we just may not make them for you! ” – Love this!  How do you go about that deciding you clients?  Is it organic from talking to the company, or rigid based on a criteria you’ve pre-determined as best fit?

    Thanks for reading the hype, err blog about hype that is.

  • http://simplifilm.com/ Chris Johnson

    Well, there are some filters.  If someone comes in through 500 startups, Google Ventures Tech Stars/YC there will be some quality that they have.

    That’s a starting point – having those cats vouch generally helps.

    But for strangers, I have to understand and want to do the product.  Generally, I act clueless.  It used to be that I told people to come back when their product was up to Simplifilm standards.  Now, I just say something slightly rude or goofy so that they go away. 

    It’s easier on others to have them believe I suck at sales, in lieu of having them think I’m not interested in their product.

  • http://turningminds.com/ Justin McCullough

    I get it – completely. 

    The work is as important as the clients.  It’s easier to run bad client prospects off than it is to fire bad clients. That’s for sure!

  • http://simplifilm.com/ Chris Johnson

    Also – did you see our work? http://simplifilm.com/work

    You’ll see that we do first class stuff.

  • http://turningminds.com/ Justin McCullough

    I’ve watched Headway shape up from 1.0 to now 3.0 – good vid for them, glad to see Grant and team doing this to get more exposure and interest in the product.

    The Scribe video was fantastic. I can see that driving a lot of conversions.  Beautifully simple gaphics and well done V.O.  and story telling.

    Did you guys do the script and storyboarding, ore simply execute the video production?

    On another front, seems logical that you guys would be hammering your seo for phrases like product demos, product walk through videos, etc.  Are people searching specifically for “after effects software”?  Interesting to see the title of your work page including it so prominently for  SEO purposes and it seems like an odd term given most people aren’t aware of after effects.